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There is only one way to live your life: be passionate and be obsessive. Sustainable success exhibits these traits.

As we look at our roster of successful business clients, these are the traits that we see universally with all of them. While we can’t ethically share names, we enjoy sharing these common traits that sets these successful people apart from others.

Successful people and successful business owners are passionate and obsessive about the success of their business. In this age of instant billionaires and sexy websites, people feel entitled to success without working grueling hours, taking chances or cashing out their savings because they believe in an idea. They hide behind superficial branding concepts and electronic forms of communication. All of this stuff is great and it provides tremendous value to businesses (when implemented properly by branding experts), but folks don’t create long-lasting successful resumes and results without the traditional approach of hard-working days, patience, ethical behavior, and a truly dedicated and disciplined methodology.

Being passionate entails shaking hands, face to face meetings, and most importantly, performing at a consistent elite level that sets you apart from others. Dedicated hard work through repetitive practice produces results. Unfortunately, our modern-day society, often lacks this approach to any aspect of one’s life—especially business. There is no free pass. Cutting corners, being un-ethical, or being someone who you are not will catch up to you.

Ask yourself this question: am I passionate about my life, my career, and my business? If you answered “yes”—congrats; keep on going and work towards perfection. Your obsessive quest will take you to success. American history exhibits this reality.

If you answered “no”—you need to seriously evaluate your goals, objectives, and acknowledge what truly drives you. Life is short and can be taken away fast.


  • November 18, 2022
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