Business & Corporate Law

POTENTE serves as a trusted advisor to its clients throughout the entire business and corporate lifecycle. Whether you are a start-up or an established business entity, POTENTE can assist your enterprise. At POTENTE, our clients’ long-term success is our top priority.

International Business Consulting

International corporations and individual investors residing outside of the United States rely on POTENTE to be their legal advocate and advisor for business and investment activities in the United States. With a client roster spanning five continents globally, POTENTE has the experience to ensure its clients’ international business activities are properly structured and maintained, and to provide expert legal guidance interpreting and understanding the laws of the United States.

Commercial Real Estate

POTENTE has assisted clients throughout North America on a variety of levels pertaining to their commercial real estate needs. Such services and activities include acquisitions, entitlements, lease negotiations, finance agreements, investment due diligence, site selection, construction matters, and other transactional issues pertaining to commercial real estate.

Governmental Permitting & Licensing

As a product of representing a myriad of industries that require varying levels of governmental and public agency approval, POTENTE assists companies throughout North America to apply, coordinate, and ultimately achieve all permits and licenses necessary to operate their businesses in any jurisdiction.

Succession Planning

A properly executed, comprehensive estate plan is vital to avoid costly and lengthy probate proceedings in California. POTENTE prepares carefully tailored and customized estate plans to reflect unique family dynamics, business and corporate succession planning, and to provide for loved ones.

Entertainment Law

POTENTE has managed a diverse client portfolio related to the entertainment industry, including projects involving film, television, music, sports, modeling, and event production and promotion. As a firm, we are always very proud to see our clients’ creative works come to fruition on the big screen, small screen, or on other digital mediums.