• July 09, 2020
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U.S. Supreme Court Validates Contraceptive Mandate Exemption for Religious Employers

On July 8, 2020, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) that exempts employers with religious and conscientious objections from providing employees healthcare coverage for contraception, is lawful. After the ACA was passed, the final rules required...

  • July 08, 2020
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PPP Forgiveness

So you got a PPP loan…now what? Keeping compliant with the PPP, the many changes to its rules, and PPP forgiveness can be a headache. This step-by-step guide may come in handy – but remember, this link is for informational purposes only and merely recites the general rules of the...

  • June 25, 2020
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U.S. Supreme Court Extends Title VII Coverage to Gay and Transgender Employees

On June 15th, the United States Supreme Court ruled Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extends to gay and transgender workers. In a 6-3 decision, the Court held that along with race, color, national origin, religion and sex, employers are now prohibited from discriminating based upon an...


On January 1, 2016, a new California law went into effect that authorizes the use of a transfer on death deed (“TOD deed”) to allow an owner of certain types of real property to transfer that property to a named beneficiary that is revocable up until the grantor’s death. This...

  • September 22, 2015
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I was walking my dog, Neko, around my neighborhood the other day. As we made our way down the sidewalk, it was almost as if her presence triggered a motion-sensor for barking from other dogs in their own yards and from their own windows. I noticed Neko was surprisingly not...


As you know, our law firm is a board member and sponsor of the MEYROW FOUNDATION, a non-profit that raises money and awareness for those individuals and families afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. Throughout the year, we have sporting events to increase this awareness. One of these events is the America’s...

  • February 10, 2013
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10 Common Mistakes with Estate Planning—the good news is that all of these mistakes are easily avoidable!

Even though a business may be an individual’s most valuable asset, he or she fails to implement the proper succession plan; Failing to consult with a professional and utilizing an online, “do-it-yourself” website; Not properly funding or transferring assets to the trust and exposing your estate to probate; Thinking a...

  • January 03, 2013
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Our team here at POTENTE, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION wishes you and your business a very happy New Year. Whatever the year may hold for you (hopefully nothing but continued success and good health), you can always count on our firm to assist you with your needs and be that...

8th International Winter Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease

Zuers, Austria Peter M. Potente, Esq., of POTENTE, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION, was a featured speaker on Saturday, December 8th in Zuers, Austria at the “8th International Winter Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease.” Mr. Potente’s lecture, titled “The Current Economic and Legal Environment in the United States for U.S. Based...