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Everyone at TEAM POTENTE is excited to welcome and announce our newest attorney, Victoria Chinsee. Victoria has been a part of our team for almost a year, but she was recently admitted into the California Bar after passing the July 2013 exam.

Victoria is not only extremely talented, but an awesome person. We are excited that everyone part of our extended POTENTE family will have the opportunity to work with Victoria. You will be impressed.

Here are 10 cool things to know about Victoria:

1. Victoria performed as a flautist in the Opening Ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympics when she was 16 years old.

2. Victoria is a huge fan of Canadian indie rock – her dog is named after Canadian artist Neko Case.

3. While studying for the bar, Victoria dyed her hair bright purple.

4. Victoria has met two Supreme Court Justices – Justice Kennedy and Justice Ginsburg.

5. Victoria is currently teaching herself how to play the guitar.

6. Victoria enjoys bourbon on the rocks and fancy meals.

7. On a whim, Victoria moved to Portland, Oregon for 3 years and absolutely loved it.

8. Victoria is one of the biggest Star Wars fans in the known universe.

9. Victoria went to college thinking she would eventually go to medical school. She quickly realized this was not her forte and switched majors to hospitality management before determining that she wanted to become an attorney.

10. Victoria did not truly become a coffee drinker until she started studying for the bar.

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