Swapna Vettiyil

  • May 27, 2023

Swapna is an Associate Attorney at POTENTE. She joined the POTENTE team in 2021 as a Law Clerk and has been a valuable asset to our legal team ever since. Swapna works on a wide array of legal issues and performs general counsel duties for many clients. She takes pride in working closely with clients to ensure she can find a solution tailored to their particular needs.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she moved to California to attend college at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Communications and a minor in Political Science, Swapna was admitted to California Western School of Law with an academic merit scholarship. During her tenure at California Western School of Law, she served as the student representative of the faculty diversity committee, competed and won awards for the California Western School of Law trial team, and served as a contract teaching fellow.

When Swapna is not in the office, you can find her traveling, spending time with her family in Arizona, or trying new restaurants.

  • June 11, 2024
  • Blog

FTC Ruling Banning Noncompete Agreements

On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a final ruling banning the vast majority of noncompete agreements nationwide as “unfair methods of competition” in commerce. The rule will not go into formal effect until 120 days after the Federal Registrar formally adopts the new ruling (estimated to go into effect in August or early September). Until then...

Growing Use of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an effective tool for companies to boost their productivity. AI can increase efficiency, accuracy, and eliminate the risk of human error for companies. Many companies have incorporated AI into their everyday business practices, whether that be marketing, operations, or customer service. AI has been impactful...